A One-Two Sales Punch: Email and the Phone

Sales experts have said the phone is the best sales tool. It can be even more effective, however, when used along with email—when you use email to familiarize prospects with your product and company. By essentially pre-selling, they will be 80% sold when you talk with them on the phone, says email specialist Ben Settle.

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Big Changes Ahead for Professional Services Delivery and Sales

If you think professional services firms are exempt from using artificial intelligence to automate services, you are in for a big awakening. As new technology is developed and buyers’ needs shift, firms are changing delivery models and their sales models. And those that don’t change will be in peril, says John Dillard, author of Microslices: The Death of Consulting and What It Means for Executives.

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Doing great work for a client is no longer enough to ensure the client will buy from you again when the need arises. Great work is expected and doesn’t set you apart from the growing competition. To keep clients buying from you, RAIN Group's Ago Cluytens suggest you do four things.

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Online tools such as email were once considered the best prospecting tools. That is no longer the case. The phone has reclaimed the title as the number one prospecting tool for sales teams. Listen as inside sales expert Trish Bertuzzi explains why the phone is the top tool and what to say during conversations to get buyers to want to learn more.

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