6 Sales Email Tactics that Trigger Replies

Email is still an effective sales tool—if it's done right. The problem is it's very easy to do wrong. Listen as David Traub, author of The 10 Second Sale, discusses six things you should include in every email that make people want to not just open your email, but reply to it.

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Turning Sales Teams into High-velocity Sales Machines

Traditionally sales professionals participate in the sales process from start to finish. Some companies, however, have found a different structure works better. Following a model, in which sales professionals specialize in certain aspects of the sales process, they have increased sales closes by 300%. SalesLoft's Sean Kester explains.

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The Ultimate Form of Career Insurance for Sales Professionals

Things have become more competitive for sales professionals. More people are vying for sales positions. Plus, selling itself has become more challenging with competing companies targeting the same customers. The best way to become indispensable in either situation is to be recognized as an expert in your field, says Dorie Clark, author of Stand Out.

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The Sales Training Model that Creates World-Class Sellers

Each person on a sales team is different. Depending on a person's role and outputs, he has different skills requirements and training needs. That means companies need a training program that addresses each person's unique qualities. A model that has proved successful is a sales university. With it, companies can create a curriculum that addresses core sales skills, as well as skills required for each sales role, says RAIN Group President Mike Schultz.

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Generate Quality Referrals in Just 3 Steps

When it comes to generating referrals, you need a system. It doesn't have to be rigid system, but it must be a process that allows you to influence the referrals you receive. Using Vickie K. Sullivan's three-step system, you can guide your referral sources and ensure you received qualified leads.

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