Lean Selling Can Dramatically Improve Your Sales Process--An Interview with Robert Pryor

Lean Thinking, long used to improve manufacturing and production processes, has found a use in sales. By implementing Lean Selling strategies, companies have been able to reduce sales waste, increase sales closures, and shorten sales cycle times, says Robert Pryor, author of Lean Selling.

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LinkedIn is the most powerful social media tool for sales professionals. Most decision makers are members, and you have ungated access to them. The key is to be proactive in your use of it, says Melonie Dodaro, author of The LinkedIn Code. You can't simply create a profile, collect connections, and wait for buyers to come to you.

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Sales organizations usually sell to the user-buyer, where all of the talk is about features and benefits. Sellers feel comfortable doing that. But when they only do that, they miss the other type of buyer within the company—the C-suite. To ensure your chances of winning the sale, you need both sides on board, which means you need two value propositions, says Skip Miller, author of Selling Above and Below the Line.

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