Technology has created a new type of gatekeeper—noise. The constant sales emails, social media requests, and text messages generate so much noise that decision makers often delete or ignore them. Because of that, salespeople need a multi-pronged approach to get appointments with decision makers.

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Sales has always been thought of as more of an art than science. That is changing as more data about sales teams is available. Rather than simply trying something and hoping it works, teams can apply data and metrics and predict success.

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You have a great product, but these days that isn't enough to keep customers returning. Customers want to be a part of something bigger. They want to connect with a company's story—their message—and they want to be a part of a community, says Noah Fleming, author of Evergreen. To achieve that, companies must have three qualities: character, community, and content.

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The "key of all keys" when maximizing sales with existing accounts is expanding the value you offer. It goes further than your value positioning statement, however. Listen as John Doerr explains the other things high-performing firms do to expand the value they offer and grow business with accounts.

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