When it comes to identifying sales leaders, executives need to look beyond a person's ability to sell. Do they inspire people? Can they establish a clear vision? Can they get priorities of focus driven through an organization and cascaded to the front lines? Specifically, strong sales leaders have five qualities, says Scott Edinger, co-author of The Hidden Leader.

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People have long held negative perceptions of sales, making the idea of loving a salesperson laughable. The truth is many customers do love people who sell to them—if those people have certain qualities. Listen as Jack Vincent, author of A Sale Is a Love Affair, explains what it takes to win a customer's love.

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Whether you are a salesperson trying to get an executive to buy your product or you are a sales manager trying to approval for a new procedure, the important thing is to understand the executive's perspective. When you know what they want out of meetings, you will lead memorable meetings that prompt them to take action in your favor rather.

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In a world where buyers often think competing products are virtually the same, the salesperson is the differentiating factor. It isn't enough for a salesperson to simply explain the features of what he's selling, he must provide value. Listen as Scott Edinger explains how top salespeople provide value and how companies can support them by having a sales-oriented culture.

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As firms work to generate new leads, close more business, and charge fees they deserve, one thing can make all of those easier to accomplish: a Visible Expert. Listen as Lee Frederiksen explains the benefits of having Visible Experts on staff and how to develop your own expert.

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