Making sure sales teams receive qualified leads can be a challenge. The problem can be alleviated if marketing teams take these three steps in their online marketing campaigns: focus on measurable objectives, focus on the customer, and monetize engagement with prospects. Listen as Scott Armstrong discusses each of those, as well as explains what to include in an online marketing program.

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Salespeople are often taught to offer buyers rational-sounding reasons for them to buy something. The reality is decisions are made on an emotional and unconscious level. And sellers can use language patterns to affect buyers' decisions. Listen as Peter McLaughlin, author of Becoming the Customer, discusses how to use language patterns alongside sales techniques to persuade customers.

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Lack of confidence can be a huge detriment when negotiating deals with buyers. But even if you have all of the confidence in the world, you might still make a mistake that negatively affects the outcome. Listen as Mike Schultz discusses the two most common mistake sellers make during negotiations, as well as offers advice to improve your ability to negotiate deals.

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People often mistakenly think that by providing a lot of information, buyers will make a decision based on that information. The truth is you could have really impactful information, but if you don't direct people to take action, that information has no influence. Listen as Juliet Huck, author of The Equation of Persuasion, discusses the difference between informing and persuading and explains how to be more persuasive in your presentations and conversations with buyers.  

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For a business to grow, it must have a strategy and that strategy must be aligned with sales. The problem is often companies don't have a strategy, or if they do, there's a gap between that strategy and what their sales teams are doing. Listen as Frank Cespedes, author of Aligning Strategy and Sales, discusses what make a good strategy, how to reduce the gap between strategy and sales, and how to improve financial performance.

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