You might think that because buyers have access to so much information about services and providers that they don't want or need sellers to provide insight and ideas. And you would be mistaken. According to research included in Insight Selling, providing insight is the number one thing sales winners do that separates them from second-place finishers. Listen as John Doerr, co-author of the book, explains how providing insight and collaborating with buyers helps you sell more.

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We all get so many emails that if the subject line doesn't capture our attention, it's gone. Or if the subject line does interest us but the message fails, it is deleted almost as quickly. There are things you can do to your emails, however, to prevent your prospecting emails from being instantly deleted. Listen as Kendra Lee explains what you should do—and not do—to get prospects to pay attention to your emails.

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Stories inspire, are easy to remember, are contagious, and everyone likes to hear them. Because of that, they're excellent tools for capturing buyers' attention and getting them to do something. The key is to tell the story correctly. Listen as Paul Smith, author of Lead with a Story, discusses why storytelling is effective in business, the components of a compelling business story, and how to best use stories in sales and marketing.

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Digital tools have helped make the sales process easier, but in some cases they also hurt it by dehumanizing the process. Salespeople should not hid behind those tools because they're hesitant to call prospects or use them as simply transactional items. Instead, they should use them to build connections and develop relationships. Listen as Adrian Davis, author of Human to Human Selling, discusses how to do that and how his five phase strategy for human-to-human selling can help.

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When giving a presentation to a prospect or client, the fastest way to turn them away is to talk just about you. You can't stand up and beat your chest and expect people to be impressed. The best way to capture and hold a buyer's attention is to first demonstrate an understanding of them and their situation. Once you do that, then you can talk about how your services can help them, says Sims Wyeth, author of The Essentials of Persuasive Public Speaking.

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