It used to be marketing was a net cost to a business. You spent, for example, $10,000 on direct marketing piece and got $25,000 back in new business. That has changed. Marketing has now become an asset to a business, as well as a lead generation tool, says Grant Leboff, author Stickier Marketing. Listen as Leboff explains why marketing has become an asset and who your greatest marketers are today.

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Best practices can become old hat, resulting in lackluster client solutions that look and sound like everyone else's. To break from that and differentiate, you need to think creatively, says Mark Donnolo, author of The Innovative Sale. The key is to make creativity practical and functional. In this podcast, Donnolo explains four creative habits successful salespeople have that help them develop better client solutions.

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When you think about introverts, most people don't think of them as good salespeople, let alone great salespeople. The truth is they have many qualities that help them do better in sales than other personality types. Listen as Alen Mayer, author of the ebook Selling for Introverts, explains the strengths introverts bring to the sales process, how introverts can excel at cold calling, and how to manage introverted salespeople.

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