5 Strategies for Successful Meetings with C-Level Executives—An Interview with Andrew Sobel

Having a relationship with a C-level executive can be a powerful thing. Getting to that point, however, is not easy. The challenge starts with your initial meeting with him. In this podcast, Andrew Sobel explains what to do during that first meeting, as well as how to nurture the relationship after the meeting, so that you become a trusted advisor who is part of the client's solution process instead of someone who simply a bidder in an RFP contest.

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Education, wealth, race, and other factors do not determine your success. Who you are is the ultimate factor. Specifically successful people have four attitudes: they are extreme, are disciplined, are giving, and understand the human factor. All of those make you a better person, which in turn makes you a better salesperson, says Dan Waldschmidt, author Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success.

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You're already working on a small project for a large company, but there's a much larger project coming up in a different division that you'd love to work on. How do you win that deal? Listen as sales growth expert Adrian Davis explains his five-step process for winning that large deal, as well as how salespeople can become trusted advisors to client executives.

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Hiring a new salesperson is more than just adding headcount. It's an investment in revenue, and companies must treat it that way, says Lee Salz, author of the new book Hire Right, Higher Profits. If you want salespeople who succeed, you need a hiring process that matches the candidate to the role and an onboarding process that both protects the investment and ensures a high rate of return on it.

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