The world is full of great products and services. That means quality alone will not set you apart from the competition. In addition to having a great service, you have to consider how buyers feel about your brand and give them emotional satisfaction. Buyers must perceive you to be a firm that provides value, says David Pearson, author of The 20 Ps of Marketing.

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If you're involved in sales, you have to be on social media today. That's because it's where your customers are, as well as your competitors, says Shannon Belew, author of The Art of Social Selling. Your buyers are using social media well before they're ready to buy to find information about your services and your company, and you need to have a presence there. Listen as Belew explains her 10 rules for online social interactions and offers advice for how to best use LinkedIn and Twitter to generate sales.

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When you think about some of the older sales approaches where they talk about overcoming a buyer's objections and wrestling them until they say yes, they sound rather combative. Instead Simon Hazeldine, author of Neuro-Sell, says sellers need a brain-friendly sales process, one that makes the customer's brain feel comfortable with you.

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Email is easy, and it's tempting to rely on it when you're afraid to address a person directly or are afraid of rejection. But it's the worst possible way to ask for a referral or a testimonial. Listen as marketing expert Alex Goldfayn explains why email is the worst way to ask for a referral and what you should use instead.

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