Sales and marketing teams might think they're helping their company grow. What they don't realize, however, is that in many cases, they unknowingly do the opposite. Listen as Guido Quelle, author of Profitable Growth, explains what they do that prevents a company from growing.

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Selling B2B professional services can be a long and complex process. It's a dance buyers and sellers do over a period of time that is full of opportunities for sellers to differentiate themselves. Developing trust, however, doesn't have to take a long time. Sometimes you do or say something, and in an instant the buyer lets down his guard. The key is to recognize and act on trust-building opportunities.

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No one likes to be told what to do. And that applies to your buyers as well. If you just tell them what you think they should do, you will be met with reluctance and resistance, says John E. Doerr, President of RAIN Group. You will have much greater success if you collaborate with them. In this podcast, Doerr explains why collaboration is important and outlines how to create a collaborative relationship with your buyers.

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