Providing great products and services is expected in today's competitive environment. You need them just to play in the marketplace. To win, you have to think about your interactions with customers. It isn't about how much you can sell, says Niraj Dawar, author of TILT. It's about what else your customers need.

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Content marketing is not new. John Deere has been doing it since 1895 when it started publishing its Furrow magazine. And several B2B firms, such as OpenView Labs, are having huge success using it to attract prospects and grow business. Still there are holdouts. If you, or the executives at your firm, don't think content marketing works, Joe Pulizzi, author of Epic Content Marketing, suggests trying these two methods.

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Money might make the world go round, but it isn't enough for salespeople—or the companies they work for—to achieve long-term sales success. In this podcast interview, sales coach and author Lisa McLeod explains how having a noble purpose drives individual sales success and turns average-performing companies into top-tier organizations.

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Buyers and sellers don't always see eye to eye. Things buyers consider important sometimes aren't even have sellers' radar. And those gaps can create friction or worse cause a sale to be lost. Listen as Lee Frederiksen, author of Inside the Buyer's Brain, explains the three biggest gaps between buyers and sellers and how to close them.

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You might run or work for a B2B service provider, but at the heart of it you are a human dealing with other humans. That means your marketing should reflect that, says Simon Pont, author of Digital State. Don't talk at or to people. Have conversations with them, as well as encourage customers to talk with one another.

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