Before you can sell anything, you have to know what your buyers want. That means you have to talk with your clients and prospects. It seems logical, but many entrepreneurs and business owners are reluctant to do that, says Drew Williams, co-author of Feed the Startup Beast. Listen as Williams explains his seven-step guide to achieving outrageous sales growth and the success companies are seeing by using it.

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If you want prospects to respond to you, you have to speak their language. And those languages include the devices and mediums in which they like to communicate. That means if your prospects prefer to communicate via Twitter, you have to know how to use Twitter. If your prospects prefer to communicate via text messages, you have to communicate with them via text, says Marc Ostrofsky, author of Word of Mouse. And if you don't know how to use those things, hire someone who does.

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The professional services world is changing, and it isn't all for the better. Increasingly, clients focus on price, especially when using RFPs, and that can drive down the fees providers receive. To make sure you get project at the fee you deserve, you must start working with the prospect well before the project goes out to bid. Listen as Ori Wiener, author of High Impact Fee Negotiation and Management for Professionals, explain what you should do and how to prevent profitability leaks.

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