As independent professionals try to market their services and get new clients, many are stumbling and seeing little results for their efforts. A key reason for that is they aren't using their marketing time efficiently, says C.J. Hayden, who recently released the third edition of her book Get Clients Now! Listen as Hayden explains the reason for this inefficiency and how to eliminate it.

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Prospects who buy from you get a seven-course meal. But prospects who don't buy from you should also get something—and something of value. David Newman, author of Do It! Marketing, calls it "Happy Meal Marketing. Nobody leaves your website or blog hungry. Listen as Newman explains how Happy Meal Marketing fits into the new sales paradigm for selling professional services: offer value, invite engagement.

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Consultative selling on its own has worked for many years for many sellers. But with the incredible amount of information available to buyers before they even talk to a seller, buyers need help sorting it out and making the right decision. They need a collaborator, says Nancy Bleeke, author of the book Conversations that Sell. Through collaboration not only do you uncover needs and demonstrate your expertise, but you work with them to decide on the best possible solution.

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After hearing people say relationship-based sales approaches are dead, RAIN Group decided to find out if that were true. After all, people have been using that for many years, and if it were true, their way of doing business would have to change significantly. To its surprise, RAIN Group did not see evidence of relationship selling's death in the research they conducted. Listen as Mike Schultz, co-president of the firm, explains why relationship-based selling is still important and what sales winners do over their second-place finishers.

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