IT professionals, lawyers, accountants, salespeople—they all have their own language and jargon. While it's fine to speak that language among the same types of people, doing so with people outside your group—and even to potential buyers—can impede business development efforts. In this interview, Babette Ten Hanken, author of Do You Mean Business?, explains why techno-speak creates communication barriers and how to tear down those barriers and improve business development.

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Today's marketing efforts are not like past marketing efforts. Indeed marketing is undergoing a paradigm shift as increase importance is placed on quantitative results—chief executives want to know what to expect in return for their marketing spends, says David Scott, author of The New Rules of Lead Generation. Listen as Scott explains the shift, how the shift applies to B2B professional services firms, and his five-step plan for a lead generation campaign.

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Not long ago, the rule for the length of prospecting email messages was to limit your text to 165 words. That rule has changed and even become more complicated, says Kendra Lee. Listen as she explains what length is now preferred, how the length varies depending on where your prospects live, how to prevent prospecting email from being marked as spam, and the most common mistake people make when composing prospecting email messages.

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"Nobody goes onto LinkedIn to find someone to buy from, but that doesn't mean you can't create sales opportunities via LinkedIn," says Jill Konrath co-author of the new ebook Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code. In fact, Konrath's research found top sellers excel at creating opportunities via the social network. Listen as she discusses what they do, how to research prospects via LinkedIn, and how to connect with prospects via LinkedIn.

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Increasingly marketers are involved in the revenue equation, with many marketing leaders now carrying a sales quota. But because sales departments still hold the greatest influence in organizations, marketing leaders have difficulty being heard. If marketing leaders want salespeople and the executives within their organization to listen to them, they must do three things. Listen as Lisa Nirell explains what those are.

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