You don't like to be pushed, persuaded, or maneuvered, and neither do your clients. Instead you need to work on being a strong influence—being "influenceable," says John Ullmen, co-author of Real Influence: Persuade without Pushing and Gain without Giving In. Listen as Ullmen discusses the four steps to connecting with and influencing people and how you can apply them to communications with clients.

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There are two paths to trust. There's the traditional way where you meet someone in person and get to know them, and there's the online way where buyers learn to trust you based on your online presence. And for many firms, the second path—with the help online marketing—has become extremely effective.
Listen as Lee Frederiksen, co-author of Online Marketing for Professional Services, discusses how to use online marketing to develop trust with buyers and grow your business.

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Paul Gillin, co-author of Attack of the Customers, explains how negative online reviews are opportunities to turn unhappy customers into raving fans.

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Kendra Lee, author The Sales Magnet, explains the two keys for successful email prospecting: the glimpse factor and the delete barrier.

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