Your prospect has been in your lead nurturing process for weeks. You think by now they're ready to buy. But are you sure? In this podcast interview, Jeff Ogden discusses how to determine when your prospect is ready to buy, critical factors to consider when launching a lead-nurturing campaign, and the best content to use in a lead-nurturing campaign.

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The benefits of cross-selling within client firms seem obvious: it takes less time, money, and effort to sell within client organizations than to new clients. But still many organizations resist doing it. In this podcast RAIN Group Co-President Mike Schultz explains why organizations are reluctant, what it takes to implement a strong cross-selling process, and the financial benefits of having cross-selling process.

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The single overwhelming driver when executives select a consultant, not surprisingly, is trust. Can they trust you? To gain that trust, executives look for consultants to have four particular characteristics. Listen as David Fields, author of The Executive's Guide to Consultants, explains what those characteristics are, the right way to approach a project, what you need to do after meeting with an executive, and how to get the fees you deserve.

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