The key to maintaining a continual flow of clients is focus, says Mike Weinberg, author of New Sales. Simplified. Focus on new business development. More than that, however, you need a strategy to make it happen. That's where Weinberg's simple sales framework comes in. Listen as he explains the three steps to drive new sales, as well as your most effective sales weapon.

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A value proposition is crucial to conveying to potential clients what you do and why they should do business with you. Yet many people have problems communicating that value. Their statements don’t resonate with buyers, and they don’t differentiate them from competitors. Listen as RAIN Group Co-President discusses how to best explain the value you offer so that people want to work with you.

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Everyone wants more clients, and higher-paying clients. But only those who claim a niche and know how to tell their story will succeed. That's because people want specialists to help them, not generalists. Listen as Nancy Juetten, contributor to the recently release book Speak More: Marketing Strategies to Get More Speaking Business, discusses the importance of specializing in an area and how to craft messages, including your profile, that attract your ideal client.

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If you have a B2B service firm or are a service professional, LinkedIn is the place to be. It allows you tremendous opportunities to connect with prospective clients and generate new business. But you have to have to have a strategy for using it, says social media strategist Neal Schaffer, and it all starts with your LinkedIn profile. Listen as Schaffer discusses how to use your profile as a sales and marketing tool, as well as how to use groups to develop new business.

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