If you're at a networking event and you see the perfect prospect across the room, do you know what you would say? You need to be prepared to not just introduce yourself but get the person interested in a meeting with you. Listen as Terri Sjodin, author of Small Message, Big Impact, explains how to craft a powerful elevator speech, the three components of an effective elevator speech, and The Elevator Speech Effect.

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If you're like most service professionals, you have a hard time asking for referrals. There are ways, however, to get referrals without asking for them outright, says Emile Paradis, a franchise owner of The Referral Institute. Listen as he discusses how to prepare clients so that they naturally refer you to your ideal prospects.

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It's a given that you have to ask prospects questions so you can uncover their needs and develop a solution to help them. How you ask those questions, however, determines if they open up to you or if they shut down and dismiss everything you say. Listen as RAIN Group President John Doerr discusses when to ask questions, questions that build trust, and how to develop rapport with a prospect over the phone.

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When done right, branding helps get everybody in your firm—from receptionist to the business development team to technical staff—on the same page and everybody speaking the same language. If that isn't the case in your firm, if people have differing views about what your firm does, then you need to consider rebranding. Listen as Josh Miles, author of Bold Brand, discusses clues that rebranding is needed, misperceptions of branding, and how to get started rebranding your firm.

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