Want to advance your business? Take your competitors to lunch. That right, take them to lunch, says Michael Dalton Johnson, author Rules of the Hunt. If you do, you will view each other as human beings and disarm the situation. And that can lead to collegial relationships where you help each other.

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Search engines, once the number one tool buyers used to help find service providers, have lost their appeal. Buyers have changed their behavior and now turn to friends and social network communities to help them decide who to hire. Sellers and marketers need to acknowledge this or risk losing their business, says Kristin Zhivago, author of Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy.

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Content marketing can help you grow your business, but only if you produce remarkable, high-quality content. Anything less, and you're wasting your time. So, before you put pen to paper—or hands on keyboard—make sure you know what your customers want and have the resources and structure to produce amazing content, says content marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi. Doing so will increase your online footprint and pull more buyers to you.

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You won't make a direct sale from a tweet or Facebook post, but you absolutely can use social media networks to develop relationships that lead to new business. Social media is, says marketing expert Todd Schnick, the "new networking." Listen as Schnick discusses why B2B firms should use social media, how they should use social media, and mistakes to avoid.

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The most powerful form of advertising isn't pay-per-click campaigns or ads on popular social networks. It is word of mouth. It's having clients and employees—all employees—acting as ambassadors who communicate wherever possible the benefits of your service. It means having a "conversation company," says Steven Van Belleghem, author of The Conversation Company. Listen as Van Belleghem discusses how being conversation company improves word of mouth and how to transform your firm into a conversation company.

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