When you were in third grade, you probably didn't say you wanted to be a salesperson. In fact 95% of people in sales say they never planned on being involved in sales. Yet so many, especially service professionals, are charged with bringing in new business. The good news is you can learn how to sell.  To be a great salesperson, however, you must have a certain quality, says Chris Lytle, author of The Accidental Salesperson. Listen as Lytle explains what that quality is, as well as his roadmap to sales success.

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Ask any email marketer when is the best time to send marketing email, and chances are they will say it depends. It depends on your business, and it depends on your ideal customers. However, company email tests have shown that certain buyers are more likely to read and respond to your email on particular days. Listen as marketing expert Matt Heinz discusses what day usually works best for contacting C-level executives, how to prevent email from being labeled as spam, and how to grow your email list.

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Companies are sitting on a tremendous source of untapped growth—their customers. Most focus only on getting customers to buy—and keep buying, but that's only a fraction of the value firms can harvest from them, says Bill Lee, author of The Hidden Wealth of Customers. They can grow significantly more if they can turn customers into advocates—or rock stars—who will market and sell for you.

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Traditional sales techniques no longer work. You also can't create one script and expect it to have the same effect on everyone. If you want to influence the buyer, you must approach him the way he prefers to be approached. Listen as Dan Seidman, author of The Secret Language of Influence, explains how to determine what type of buyer you're dealing with and how to customize the conversation based on that.

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