Most people struggle with cold calls because they just can't get prospects to give them their time. People are pounded by so much information that they block things out. They've become particularly adept at tuning out salespeople. In this podcast, Jim Keenan, author of the ebook All You Need for a Successful Cold Call, explains how to get around that coping mechanism, capture prospects' attention, and get them to talk with you.

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Think you can't compete with the larger firms in your industry? Think again. Content marketing is the great leveling field that allows you to not just compete but win that battle. Listen as content marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi discusses a simple content marketing strategy that can put small B2B service firms ahead of large competitors.

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Studies show that 60% of companies don't follow up with leads. They may not trust the leads, or they may not have a process for following up with leads. Whatever the reason is, that lack of follow-up causes businesses to lose money, says Andy Paul, author of Zero-Time Selling. In this interview, Paul discusses how one firm achieved 100% follow-up on leads and as a result saw sales increase25% to 35%.

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You know how to use automated email to generate leads and nurture leads. But have you thought about using transactional email, such as order confirmations or even out-of-office messages, to engage with buyers? If not, you're missing out on an opportunity to provide value-added content that can lead to sales. Listen as Matt Heinz discusses how to how to get better use out of transactional emails, mistakes that cause email campaigns to fail, and tactics to capture prospects' attention.

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No matter how good a salesperson looks on paper, you can't drop that person into a new company and expect him to start generating revenue immediately. You need an onboarding program that helps new-hire salespeople fully understand the value the company offers and how to sell that value, says sales management strategist Lee Salz. Without one, you lose money on salesperson turnover or if they stay, they make less-than-optimal sales.

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