Strategies that Stick: What it Takes for Firms to Embrace and Execute a Marketing Plan - An Interview with John Doerr

Service firms oftentimes have no problem creating marketing plans. They have problems implementing them. John Doerr explains what it takes to get things done.

Service firms oftentimes have no problem creating marketing plans. They have problems implementing them. And, even when they do implement them, they often stop prematurely, before the results have a chance to materialize, and declare, "Marketing doesn't work!"

John Doerr, president of Wellesley Hills Group, founder of, and co-author of Professional Service Marketing, explains what it takes for firms to implement a strategy, wait until the returns arrive and more.

(Time: 11:26)

3 Keys to Forming Partnerships with Your Clients - With Andrew Sobel

Every consultant wants to form solid business partnerships with their clients, but many things can get in the way. Andrew Sobel, author of All for One: 10 Strategies for Building Trusted Client Partnerships, explains how to address some common challenges consultants face when trying to partner with their clients.

Questions he addresses include:

  •  How do you relate to clients as trusted advisors when you're an expert in your own business and not theirs?
  • How do you move past the function executive to the executive who makes the buying decisions?
  • How do you increase your skills at forming partnerships as well as the chance that you will?

  • (Time: 11:26)

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    Tips for Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Firm - With Dana VanDen Heuvel

    Many professional services firms see their competition winning new business by blogging, connecting on social networks, and launching podcasts and online videos. And they want to know, "How can I do the same?"

    Dana VanDen Heuvel, founder of the Marketing Savant Group, explains how firms can create a social media marketing strategy. Topics he addresses include what questions firms need to ask themselves and how firms should integrate a CRM system into their plans.

    (Time: 10:54)

    Interested in hearing more? Watch the full presentation with Dana.

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    Tips for Marketing on LinkedIn (Without Upsetting Your Prospects)

    Millions of business professionals have a LinkedIn profile. So how does a marketer tactfully and effectively use this resource?

    Jason Alba, author of I'm on LinkedIn -- Now What, explains the finer points of netiquette (Internet etiquette), the best way to build a list from your connections, and what your personal profile should look like

    (Time 08:32)

    Interested in hearing more? Watch Jason Alba's on-demand webinar.

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