Making Change Happen: Insights for Creating Remarkable Things at Your Firm - An Interview with Dr. John Kotter

The strategies for marketing and selling for professional services firms aren't that complicated. But getting the leaders together and choosing a strategy often is.

In this podcast we look at what leaders can do to make change happen at their firms with Dr. John Kotter, professor of leadership at Harvard Business School and author of New York Times bestsellers A Sense of Urgency and My Iceberg Is Melting, as well as the world's most influential book on organization change, Leading Change.

He says people fail to successfully make change not because they lack capability and intelligence, but because they simply haven't been through a lot of big changes. The good news is you can learn it. You can do it. You can make some remarkable things happen. You just have to think in a different way.

(Time: 11:58)

Breakthrough Strategies for Building Trusted Client Partnerships for Life - An Interview with Andrew Sobel

In this episode, Andrew Sobel, author of the book All For One: 10 Strategies for Building Trusted Client Partnerships, reveals approaches to building long-term trusted partnerships with flagship clients—those key clients that provide a disproportionate share of revenue and profits.

Andrew provides research-based strategies for individuals and institutions to develop these trusted partnerships and shares examples from his book.

(Time: 14:29)

Interest in Hearing More?: Reserve a seat a Andrew's upcoming webinar, From Vendor to Trusted Partner: Breakthrough Strategies for Developing Clients for Life.

How to Transition from Hourly Fees to Value-Based Fees - An Interview with Alan Weiss

In this episode, we talk about how your firm can transition from basing its fees on hourly rates to basing its fees on the value your firm delivers. Alan Weiss, author of the seminar book, "Value-Based Fees: How to Charge and Get What You're Worth," explains why firms should use value-based fees, how firms can start adopting them, and how to respond to client objections.

(Time: 09:30)

Interested in hearing more? Sign up for Alan's upcoming teleseminar, Getting Paid What You're Worth: How to Use Value-Based Fees at Your Firm, on Thursday, May 21.

How to Make Yourself Memorable in Networking Conversations - With Scott Ginsberg

Most people automatically say, "So, what do you do?" at networking events, but don't care what the answer is. Scott Ginsberg, "the authority on approachability," explains how to create a "soundbite" that will have people actually take interest in what you do. Listen as he offers tips to opening a whole new world of business opportunities, in this excerpt from Scott's recent webinar with

(Time: 8:07 )

Hear the rest of Scott's advice by visiting the RainToday store and watching Scotts webinar Networking for New Business: 7 Ways for Becoming More Referable.





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