The Importance of Building Relationships with People Committed to Your Success - An Interview with Keith Ferrazzi

Everyone needs two or three people who will tell them the truth, who will push and encourage them, and who will hold them accountable. Everyone needs two or three people who are committed to their success. Yet, most people, when ask, "Who's got your back," aren't sure that anyone does, particularly in a professional context.

Listen to this podcast with Keith Ferrazzi, bestselling author of Never Eat Alone and the forthcoming book Who's Got Your Back?, as he explains the keys to forming these vital relationships.


(Time: 14:21)

Interested in hearing more? Reserve your online seat for Keith Ferrazzi's May 7 webinar, Through Thick and Thin: How to Build Relationships with People Committed to Your Success.

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Keys to Becoming More Approachable and More Referable in Business - An Interview with Scott Ginsberg

In this podcast interview with Scott Ginsberg, the authority on approachability, Scott discusses how to become more approachable, how to connect with people about their passion, and how to break through the barriers which stop us from initiating conversations.

Becoming a more personable professional is vital. Clients choose service providers they like, and rarely those who only serve their needs.

(Time: 13:31)

Interested in hearing more? Register for Scott's upcoming webinar, Networking for New Business: 7 Ways to Become More Referable.

How Marketers are Using Social Media to Grow Their Business

Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, and Facebook have marketers abuzz. The tools can generate exposure for their firms, increase website traffic, and result in new business partnerships, but marketers still don't know how to best use them.

Michael Stelzner, who just published the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, discusses how marketers can tell if social media is paying off, what they should think about before diving in, how much time they should invest in it, and much more.

(Time: 11:09)

Building Up Your Brand in a Downturn - An Interview with Mike Schultz

In an economic downturn many service firm leaders turn to marketing, and specifically brand building efforts, as the first place to cut. When in fact, your brand building activities (when done right) are the ones that can help generate leads, relationships, and trust—all key ingredients to winning new clients both in boom and in gloom.

Listen as we talk about building up your brand in a downturn with Mike Schultz, the publisher of, president of Wellesley Hills Group, and co-author of the forthcoming book Professional Services Marketing. Specifically, we're going to revisit a Q&A session I had with Mike in a recent webinar.


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Interview with Paul Dunay - RainToday Member Content

None needed.

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Using Social Media for Marketing and Selling Professional Services - An Interview with Paul Dunay

Where does a professional services practitioner, marketer, or salesperson start with all the social media out there? The choices can be overwhelming and many people choose to ignore the social media landscape altogether.

We talk with Paul Dunay, author of the forthcoming book FaceBook Marketing for Dummies, and discuss what social networking is worthwhile and how to have a blog and content that is relevant.

(Time: 08:53)





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