The Basics of Long-Term Lead Nurturing: How to Benefit from Your Firm's Second Best Revenue Source, with Dan McDade

Lead nurturing is a highly-relevent topic nowadays with most firms struggling to win business in the current recession. Why? Roughly 75-percent of all leads are long-term opportunities that need nurturing.

Listen as Dan McDade, founder and president of Point Clear, explains how the best firms focus on these opportunities by using meaningful, thoughtful, and enjoyable communications.

Interested in hearing more? Attend Dan's upcoming webinar, Best Practices: 10 Actions to Immediately Improve Your Lead Nurturing Program.

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Keeping Your Revenue Flowing: 6 Key Business Development Factors (Part II)

If you're looking to create a culture of business development at your firm, you'll want to follow all six factors in the window into business development performance. Miss one of the factors for any reason and you'll severely limit your success.

In part two of this two-part podcast, Mike Schultz, publisher of and president of Wellesley Hills Group, outlines factors #4-6 for creating a culture of successful business development performance. Be one of the rare service firms that focuses on all six factors and you'll need more people to get all of the new client billable work done.

(Time: 7:30)

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Keeping Your Revenue Flowing: 6 Key Business Development Factors (Part I)

Lately, business development has been on the minds of service firm leaders, and for good reason: The recession has made firm leaders work extra hard to keep their firms' revenue flowing.

So, how do you get the best business development results? Mike Schultz, president of Wellesley Hills Group and publisher of, believes there are six key factors. In the first part of this two-part podcast, Mike explains the first three of those factors: Expectations & Feedback, Tool & Resources, and Consequences & Incentives.

(Length: 10:01)

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Marketing in a Recession

This recession has spawned innumerable how-to-survive-a-down-economy pieces of advice: Focus only on the things that get you ROI and leads; focus on Internet marketing and cold calling; focus on relationships and networking; focus on your client base; build your brand. The list goes on. But, as Mike Schultz, publisher of and president of Wellesley Hills Group, explains, the one key insight you need to remember is that what has fundamentally changed isn't what you should do, it's what is happening inside the heads of firm leaders.

(Time: 08:09)

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