How to Create a Culture of Growth, with Suzanne Lowe

When it comes to growing revenue and growing market share, professional services firms must effectively integrate marketing and selling into everyone's job.

In this podcast, we listen to Suzanne Lowe, president of Expertise Marketing and author of the forthcoming book, The Integration Imperative, as she answers some important questions about how firms can do just that:

• How can firms involve new-hires in marketing and sales?
• How can business developers help with their firm's marketing?
• How can firms motivate practitioners to bring in new business?

(Length: 09:28)

Interested in hearing more? Get access to the full "How to Create a Culture of Growth" RainToday webinar with Suzanne Lowe.

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The Top 5 Ways Professionals Sabotage Their Own Sales Conversations

Every professional service provider tries to make themselves distinct in the eyes of buyers: We seek to show our expertise, to respond to their needs, to listen, to articulate things well. Yet, in sales conversations, according to the buyers, we often don't do these things, making ourselves distinct in a very different way.

Listen to this podcaset with John Doerr, founder of and president of Wellesley Hills Group, as he discusses the top five mistakes service providers make when engaging in sales conversations with potential buyers:

(Length: 08:38)

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Professional Services Spending Looking Down in 2009, Yet Buyers Open to Switching

In this episode, we look at the whether buyers of professional services plan to increase or decrease their spending. The data from our How Client Buy: 2009 research report shows the news isn't good for nearly every kind of firm out there.

Our research does show an upside though. As Mike Schultz, president of Wellesley Hills Group and publisher of, explains, the majority of professional services buyers are not loyal to their current firm and are willing to switch providers.

Listen to learn what spending looks like in your industry and what you can do to begin making your competitors' clients your own:

(Length: 08:05)

Interested in learning more? Click here to see the details of our How Client's Buy: 2009 research report.

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The Top 5 Ways Clients Find Professional Service Providers

In this episode, we share results from our How Clients Buy: 2009 research report. Specifically, we talk about the top five ways buyers identify and find their professional service providers.

Mike Schultz, publisher of and president of Wellesley Hills Group, also delves into ways four and five—speaking engagements—and discusses what you should do to lead your own and speak at conferences.

(Length: 08:59)

Interested in learning more? Click here to see the details of our How Clients Buy: 2009 research report.

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